Monday, July 6, 2015

Fast forward to July 4th 2015

 Baby Mckell w/ Brianna
 Aaron gets Mission call to Peru 7-14-2015
 Josh looses 1st tooth
 Jorge and Vicenta Graduated
 Joey graduates
 53 Dodge Rat Rod
 Back to HappyOurs Ranch
 Father & Sons
 Duellies on the Rat Rod
 Back to the Ranch
Oso likes the duellies

Sunday, March 8, 2015

First three months of 2015

 Potty training the baby
 Our new baby Osito (little bear)
 Potty training the baby
 Osito loves his Daddy
 Old Burbank High School buddies visit us
 Hermana Nemrow w/ Daily Dose student Gorge
 Art student Dave w/ his art
 w/ his clay
 Karren w/ brother Lynn at
Snow Geese Festival
 Osito needs a haircut
Pretty little bear

The rest of 2014

 Halloween  Dracula
 Rod w/ the Sword of Laban
 Rod w/ Gracia Jones and B of M Lands
 Great Grandad w/ kids
 Ace w/ Nicole and new husband the night
he meet Jennifer
 Set up the tree
 Happy Thanksgiving
 Merry Christmas

Monday, October 27, 2014

Church History and Book of Mormon in the Heartland Tour

 Welcome to Rochester NY
 Gaby DaCunha joins on the tour
 First stop at the Hill Cumorah
 Smith log home in Palmyra NY
 Alvin Smith's frame home
 Sacred Grove
 Whitmer cabin and translate Book of Mormon
and organization of the Church 1830
 Printing the Book of Mormon
 First editon

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hollywood comes to HappyOurs Ranch

 Hollywood production company in Liddies
 RV for group of young people on road trip
 hunting treasure. Movie name Of Fortune and Gold
 6 hrs. shooting these scenes
 Up to the Bunkhouse for the next scenes
 Dinner at the Organic Farm house (Bunkhouse)
 Director and Producer watch scene on monitor
Action, cut, print !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's fall and the leaves are turning color

 Camping in the forest in the Fall
 Squirrel infestation
 No more Hot Rods just drawing
 BYU beats Texas
 I forgot to tell you about the 66 Corvette
 Nice car for parades
 GreatGrand kids lead the way
Grandkids new house and farm the Vet is in the garage