Monday, October 27, 2014

Church History and Book of Mormon in the Heartland Tour

 Welcome to Rochester NY
 Gaby DaCunha joins on the tour
 First stop at the Hill Cumorah
 Smith log home in Palmyra NY
 Alvin Smith's frame home
 Sacred Grove
 Whitmer cabin and translate Book of Mormon
and organization of the Church 1830
 Printing the Book of Mormon
 First editon
 Saints move to Kirtland Ohio
 Saints driven to Missouri
 Corner stone for Temple in Indepndence MO
 Saints driven to Far West
 Then on to Nauvoo Ill
 Where they lived happily
 Until Joseph Smith was martyrd
 and the Saints move on to Utah
 Dave with our true and faithful guides, Kay, Rod and Wayne
 The Land of Promise (Land of Nephi)
 Nephite Burial Mounds
 Nephite village
 Nephite lodge
 Nephite spear
 Nephite Temple mound
 Nephite earthen wall of fortifaction
 Serpant Mound
 Lands of the Nephites and Laminites
 Largest Nephite Temple mound in America
 Waters of Mormon
 Big Spring, MO
Kansas City Temple

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hollywood comes to HappyOurs Ranch

 Hollywood production company in Liddies
 RV for group of young people on road trip
 hunting treasure. Movie name Of Fortune and Gold
 6 hrs. shooting these scenes
 Up to the Bunkhouse for the next scenes
 Dinner at the Organic Farm house (Bunkhouse)
 Director and Producer watch scene on monitor
Action, cut, print !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's fall and the leaves are turning color

 Camping in the forest in the Fall
 Squirrel infestation
 No more Hot Rods just drawing
 BYU beats Texas
 I forgot to tell you about the 66 Corvette
 Nice car for parades
 GreatGrand kids lead the way
Grandkids new house and farm the Vet is in the garage

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trip to Cove Fort and Latino Amigos

 Joey and Elise at Brads
 Cove Fort Stagecoach
 another selfie
 pioneers in the Fort
 perfect 50's Diner at Hatch, UT.
 remember the Jukebox
 Amigos in Zion going out to HappyOurs Ranch
 we taught them some English as Daily Dose Missionaries
 Checkerboard Mesa
 Buffalo Ranch
HappyOurs Ranch horseride